The fantastical story of

‘The Creative Process’

featuring heart-felt timing & the anatomy of vodka perfection.

Good things come in small packages, and great vodka comes in small batches. We’re a detailed-oriented bunch who love a good crossing t’s and dotting i’s situation, and believe smaller is better when it comes to distillation. Wolf Spirits is an independent distillery in Eugene, Oregon, and it’s here that we produce beautifully-crafted small-batch vodka using locally sourced ingredients. Bellkurve Vodka is our first spirit: the culmination of years of practice, research, and refinement; of late-night inspiration and early-morning starts. Bellkurve is distilled at its peak – that light bulb moment where vodka is at its smoothest. We noticed that as the demand for spirits grew and economies of scale demanded “Bigger! Faster! Bring me a sandwich!”, the size of stills increased – often at the cost of quality.

As batches get bigger, so does the so-called “gray area”– that mystical place where things get murky, and the good stuff becomes diluted. If you’ll allow us to get technical for a moment – we love getting technical – like most alive humans, every distillation run has a head, a heart, and a tail.

• • •

The Heads

These are the natural by-products of fermentation, valuable in their own right but not in the way that you’d like to, you know, actually drink them.

The Hearts

This is the somethin’ somethin’ that makes life grand: the sugar in your coffee, the cherry in your pie, the whole plane row to yourself. If you ask science, it’s the ethanol molecule. This is the bit we want to harvest the most out of, to get the most yield of pure beauty out of the energy and work of the distill.

The Tails

Finally, the leftovers from fermentation –undesirable in the quest for neutral vodka.

• • •

As the distillation process begins, it’s 100% heads alcohol. The concentration gradually drops off, replaced by the hearts, until only hearts are coming out of the still.

The transition between heads and hearts is like a typical bell curve… picture that curving peak… beautiful. Unfortunately, there’s no alarm to tell us that the distill has reached the sweet spot where heads stop and hearts begin. Instead, it’s up to the master distiller to make a call, use science, experience, and intuition to determine when to start collecting the hearts.

Too early – you have heads in with the hearts, my friend – but there will be a load of it. Too late: mostly hearts, but the cost is wasting a lot of good alcohol and time.

The answer: micro batches. Going small allows us to seize that moment, isolate the hearts, and produce a smooth, neutral, beautifully-crafted vodka.

Bellkurve Vodka. We hope you love it as much as you love us.