Our Story

A wonderous tale of Bellkurve.

Our founder had a dream in his heart: quality small-batch vodka, using local ingredients, distilled at just the right moment. So, he went on a quest. Not really a ‘wandering in the wilderness / fighting random opponents / eventually prevailing with truth and self-knowledge’-type quest, it was way more low key. A quest in search of perfection. He was looking for the peak, the pinnacle, other alliterative synonyms, for finding the precise way of distilling vodka at its golden moment, to ensure the the smoothest drinking experience.

Some moments are just golden. The sunshine hits your hair just right, there’s a hush in the old-growth forest, a deer gently approaches. We like moments like that. Right time, right place; the effervescent now, where things just flow.

Vodka is no exception.

Everything has a golden moment, and it’s the culmination of years of practice and research into liquor, and more specifically vodka, to find that moment. To distill vodka at its peak, not before or after. And if by chance we did miss the moment, we’d never be able to deal with it. Our psyches are fragile.

It’s been emotional, but we got there. And now we at Bellkurve have so much to give. Most of it’s vodka.

At our distillery in Eugene, Oregon; you’ll find Ben, our distiller, and sometimes Mr Pickles (our resident Bellkurve mascot), as well as beautifully-crafted batches of Bellkurve Vodka to taste. We welcome potential collaborators, friends, distributors, soothsayers and colleagues to come visit – and potential drinkers to experience the difference for themselves by checking out our ‘Contact Us’ page. By coming this far you must sort of agree with us, and we’re cool with that. We like your vibe. 


– Sincerely,
The Bellkurve Vodka team